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Our Story

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Homecare Retreat Center is an arm of Homecare Spiritual Fellowship (HSF). 


HSF started out of a need as did the retreat center. A group of women gathered together to regularly pray for the salvation of their families (Acts 16:31- You shall be saved with your whole household).


With time, this interdenominational fellowship out-grew its meeting venues in homes, and HSF had to regularly hire venues to accommodate the growing number of women. HSF later acquired a place of its own after many years of prayer. This is the HSFCentre, Kabarnet Road, Nairobi. God also provided a Christian Retreat Centre in Karen where groups or individuals go to retreat and pray in a serene atmosphere.

Mission and objectives of Homecare Retreat Center Karen:

To provide a serene and restful facility that allows people to meet and hear from God in prayer and retreat, while funding the projects of Homecare Spiritual fellowship, to the praise and Glory of His name.



  1. To provide financial resources to expand the work of the kingdom especially HSF projects (Bethel Dressmaking, Fadhili HIV AIDS Positive Women, and Orphaned and Vulnerable Children and media  Departments) as Homecare moves towards economic sustainability

  2. To transform and equip families for Christ through Social, Economic and Evangelical activities

For more information on the Retreat centre call +254 716 961 959


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The Story of Homecare

Prayers for a Retreat Center

Renovations to Block A and Basement

God Provides Borehole Water

Retreat center is provided!

Building of Block B

Renovations of Retreat Centre by HSF and Tirzah

Visit us.

On Rhino Park Road off Karen-Dagoretti Road

+254 716 961959
+254 714 246181

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